Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Discerning for Summer 2008

I am trying to discern what my summer plans will be. I feel like I have talked about this a lot lately, but in looking over recent entries, it seems I haven't mentioned it much here, if at all.

I've been in contact with some folks, tried to get in contact with others. I believe I am narrowed down to 3 possibilities, one of which is staying in Chicago for the summer (then would come a whole new set of decisions to make!).

I mentioned over a month ago that I was applying to Global Justice Volunteers. Applications were due for that a month ago, and while I am yet to hear from them (and not surprised in accordance with how it worked last year when I applied), I am anxious to speak with them about where they're sending folks- the website merely says "Africa" - and I cannot help but be intrigued by this and wonder what kind of opportunities could present themselves to me through this. Unfortunately, the person who runs the program is out of the office for another week, which means it will be at least two until I hear from her.

My third option can be viewed here. In short, I would not be doing any riding myself, but would be serving as a support driver for the bikers. 7 week road trip with the Blood:Water team across the country to raise awareness and funds! This would be great for a number of reasons, and would be a challenge for just as many. I don't know many details for this except that it would require some fundraising (though not an unreasonable amount) and that they are indeed still at least hoping I'll "apply" for the spot as a driver. I got an email from them today, and they seem really well organized, so I think I'm gong to take a leap of faith and pay the "application fee" to apply. Who knows what will happen... if nothing else, that money is for a good cause, right?

Praying as I discern what may unfold for me in the next few months. Whatever lies ahead, I am certain it will be challenging and full of opportunity, one of my greatest and most challenging opportunities yet. That says a lot, I know... but I have a funny feeling about this and am almost afraid of what is to come. So no haste decisions... but I do hope you'll pray with me. I'll do my best to keep you updated.

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Mare said...

I know the feeling!

Sounds like you can't go wrong; all of those options sound pretty amazing.

then...we wait. =)