Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrating Life... and the Need of Prayer

Its been a crazy week. I’m so busy and so overwhelmed with things to do here in my life in Chicago that I haven’t been doing great at keeping up with family and friends at home. So I didn’t hear until Monday that Randy (my step-dad) was in a bad car accident (not his fault) that could have easily been fatal… and I thank God that everyone walked away from it okay… (though the cars didn’t… but they’re replaceable!).

It was great to take time out for worship on campus last night… and as is usually true, the message and music was right-on, just what I needed. I thank God and celebrate in the opportunities I have to be a part of such a community.

This morning (see below!!) I had my interview with my District Committee on Ordained Ministry. This was a BIG next step towards my ordination process, and I passed with flying colors!!!

Then this afternoon… I spent it on campus, sheltered from the rain in the library basement as I tried to get my reading done for class tonight. I missed a call from my younger brother… only to hear from him 3 hours later and hear more “wonderful” news from home (insert sarcastic tone). Randy (step-dad who was in car accident on Monday) was sent home from work this afternoon with severe chest pain… I just spoke with my mother, and after seven hours of running tests, they still don’t know what’s wrong. They really wanted him to stay overnight, but true to his stubborn self, he refused. So he’s going back at 7:30 in the morning to have more tests run, hoping to discover the root of whatever caused that kind of pain…

We don’t know anything more for now… while the doctors are afraid to definitely rule anything out, they don’t think it was a heart attack, which could both be really good and, well, not so good. So until there is something more concrete, I just ask for prayers for Randy, my Mom, and our family!

…and for peace of mind for me as I’m trying not to get weighed down by heavy thoughts such as these that I can do nothing about. Rather, I need to keep working on my papers, my sermon for Sunday, etc…

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