Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Preparing for Endings and New Beginnings

Spring has finally arrived, and for the first time today, I was uncomfortably warm. (read: warm, not hot). This is a beautiful, wonderful thing, and I am looking forward to putting away all of my winter clothes for a while!

In just about 3 hours, I'll be holding my final Bible Study with the wonderful community I have gotten to know so well at Dignity Diner. I must say I am quite sad to be leaving, and even more so knowing that the future of what I have begun is as of yet up in the air. I hope we can get it sorted in time to pick up again in the fall...
We'll be talking tonight about the importance of being a light unto the world. I came to this group with many hesitations, lots of uncertainty and questions, and with that a great deal of excitement and hope to bring the light of Christ to them in a new and engaging way. As I leave, I am once again reminded of the many blessings that come with being a leader and a minister. Blessings that begin by hoping to share, and end with receiving far more blessings than I could ever have offered. I have learned a great deal from this group and the life experiences they have come to share, and for that, and for the spirit of fellowship and friendship they have offered me, I am blessed.

When I return home tonight, I will be laundering, writing, cleaning and packing... The United Methodist Church's quadrennial General Conference begins tomorrow in Fort Worth, Texas. I will be attending as a monitor for the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women. Primarily, I will be sitting with and monitoring the Discipleship meetings... I am really looking forward to the Conference and am excited to play a small part in the huge decisions that will be made (even if I can't vote). I anticipate it is going to be a wonderful, exciting, scary, heart-breaking, God-filled, Spirit-moving, awe-full opportunity for which I am thankful to be a part. Offsetting the legislation with beautiful witnesses that will happen, the opportunity to sing with the all-seminary choir, and the great number of friends I will get to see and (hopefully) spend time with, and the voice in the back of my mind that is nervous about not getting school work done kind of fades away... if need be, there are always extensions - this opportunity is too important to miss.

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