Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Gift of Friendship

One of the best gifts life offers is the gift of friendship.

Last night was the 40th birthday of one of my best friends here at Garrett. She's one of those people everyone loves, and since she manages the Cokesbury bookstore on campus, that says a lot, as everyone knows her.
To celebrate her birthday, she invited folks to gather at our local pub. It was such a success/ great night! I have never seen so many folks come out! Mostly Garrett folks- including our very own Dean of Students, Dr. Pamela Lightsey, who didn't come for a casual visit, but stuck around for a couple solid hours. I was also glad to see Holy Covenant folks come out- ironically enough, the biggest surprise was Darrius! We certainly wish he'd come out and be social more!

Most importantly, it was clear Kim REALLY had a great time... and she liked the book I made for her. I love the few opportunities I take advantage of to make fun yet sentimental gifts... in this case, a photo album/book filled with pictures and notes/pictures from friends, reminiscing of the times we've shared, what a wonderful gift Kim is to our community, and that, of course 40 is not old, but only the beginning of greater things to come.

I am pleased with the outcome and had an awesome time. I hope everyone else did too! Thanks to all who came out and made it a success! And a special thanks to everyone who helped me out by donating to my cause of book making/money raising for the gift!

... I hope we can gather again soon, friends...

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