Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Standing In the Need of Prayer

I am a nervous wreck right now.

There have been a LOT of HUGE decisions made in the last couple of days. I brought my computer today with hopes to sit and update you all during sessions this afternoon, but I haven't yet found the strength/energy/ability to do so.

If you read this today (Wednesday), please pray. Pray hard. Pray for the future of our church. Pray that we might be united. That we might truly engage in Holy Conferencing and that we will allow the Holy Spirit to work among us. That we may, as a body of The United Methodist Church, give a faithful witness of who Christ is calling us to be.

I'm not entirely convinced that happened this morning. Yet I remain hopeful and pray that this petition - number 80449 regarding paragraph 161.G (that I referred to in an earlier post) will pass in its amended state. I pray the majority report passes, as it will not only take away exclusive and negative language, but also acknowledge that we have come to a loving, Spirit-guided place of peace in agreeing to disagree.

We are working through this petition. Please be with us in prayer as we discern and discuss this important, life-changing matter as we prepare to (possibly) make changes in our United Methodist Book of Discipline.

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