Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peace-filled Night

Thunderstorms. Oh, how I love thunderstorms!

The flashing bright night sky of lightning, the sound of nature as thunder roars, and the freshness of the water that pours down. The life that will spring up as a result of the much-needed nurturing of the land... the smell of that fresh rain, new life... Ideally, I would love to curl up under a light blanket with a chic-flick and a couple good friends, free from worries and work and the stresses of class, work, papers and sermons waiting to be prepared. I guess we can't have it all!

Tonight is a perfect night for this kind of peaceful reflective mood, though. Especially after the great (crazy!) day! I went to a great lecture, had a great meeting, enjoyed the (brief) company of friends I rarely get to see... and then of course had a lovely time at Dignity Diner, even if I had to be late!

Dignity Diner... it never ceases to amaze me how great that community is. They always pull through. We were short volunteers tonight, so a couple regulars jumped up and asked if they could help. Then they put everything away in a timely fashion too... and did so with smiles and grace and genuine joy in the opportunity to help out. Bible Study was AWESOME- TEN people! One of my regulars wasn't there, and another left b/c he wasn't comfortable with the big group. Of those ten- only four had EVER come before! Praise God for new voices - and they were more than willing to share! I believe it was a fruitful conversation, and am definitely better for it.

As sad as I am to be leaving in a couple of weeks, I hope the great conversation we had tonight can be the light I need to make the best of the two weeks we do have left together. I also continue to pray for an unknown person to step up and fill this role... its heartbreaking to think of how far I've come, and that it is going to cease to exist as soon as I leave...

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