Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Ever Young Adult Adult Address

I mentioned the other day how great the First ever young people's address was. Today, in The Daily Christian Advocate (the official daily news of General Conference), transcripts from the past couple of services, including that address, were printed. With hope that you can get a tiny glimpse of an idea of how and why this address was great, I'm sharing with you here the concluding words of that address, which the six young people said together:
It's not about action. There is action all around. Beating each other down, pushing each other around. No! It's about interaction. The future is about the call to follow Christ, the call to better ourselves. So believe! Believe in us. Believe that the future of the church is in good hands, and be with us now. Jesus calls us on the journey. We're ready! The time is now. Let us begin!
Sharon Brown Christopher then concluded the service for us, which she began by these words of support:
Did you hear it? It's not about action; it's about interaction. It's about the call to follow Christ. The youbg people of The United Methodist Church are ready. Are you?
The future, my friends, is NOW. We are ready. We are hopeful. We are taking action through essential interaction. Lots is happening here at General Conference. I can't wait to share it with you. Right now, they're voting on whether or not to change the agenda for today. If we remain in plenary, I'll post again very soon as I watch plenary from here. If not, I'll be heading back to the Discipleship committee to monitor.

Peace, Friends. I hope you're still praying with and for us.

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