Monday, April 28, 2008

New Members Elected to Judicial Council

I am writing this morning as I watch a debate on whether or not to give $3 million funding to help pay for education (seminary) at schools in Africa...

This morning was a HUGE day. 5 new persons (2 lay, 3 clergy) were elected to the Judicial Council. This was something I've been a bit worried about, as this was a huge part of the controversy around the IRD (Institute on Religion & Democracy) giving out cell phones to Central Conference Delegates. The results? ALL the elected members (and 11 of the 12 alternates) were nominees from the Council of Bishops. For progressive United Methodists, this was a HUGE victory!! Those elected were:

Lay Leaders:
1 - Angela Brown
2 - Ruben Reyes

1 - Kathi Austin-Mahle
2 -F. Belton Joyner
3 -William B. Lawrence

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