Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am a Certified Candidate!

This morning I spent 45 minutes anxiously waiting for my phone to ring… I had my interview with my District Committee on Ordained Ministry. This was the next “big” step that I’ve been working on for nearly three years. This was the final of many steps I had to take to become a “Certified Candidate for Ordained Ministry.”

To be a Certified Candidate means a lot of things for me. For one, it means I am well on my way to ordination. It means that when I graduate next year, I am able to be Commissioned (a probationary minister). –One has to be certified for a year before that can happen, then I would serve as a commissioned (probationary) pastor for three years before being ordained. If I did not pass today, I would not be eligible for Commissioning next year.

On a different note… but also important… it also means I eligible for a scholarship from my conference next year… This is very good news!

My interview? I was a bit nervous about it being over the phone, and other than that being a bit awkward, it was a breeze. They had minimal questions about what I had written, followed up on only one “concern” (which I anticipated… my procrastination!), and were generally excited and hopeful about me returning to the Dakotas for ministry upon graduation. I also discovered that they’re aware I’ve become somewhat of a “poster child” at Garrett, as I was told they were passing around copies of “Aware Magazine” (Garrett’s Alumnae magazine) that has my picture/article about my trip to South Africa. That showed up in a few Garrett publications… I was amused to discover they found one! Haha.

So… I celebrate today! I am excited to progress through the process and affirmed to know that the 12 (11?) people sitting around the table during a blizzard in Sioux Falls, South Dakota unanimously voted to certify me, believing that I do in fact have gifts to offer the church.

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