Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cubbies Win!

I know I've said it a thousand times, but I really do LOVE Chicago!!! Even more, I love it when I am able to take a day off and enjoy pieces of all the city has to offer.
One of the things about this wonderful city, is that it is the home to my beloved Cubbies. I *LOVE* baseball!! It is something from deep within, reminding me of the many, many days I spent at the ballpark as a child watching my brother play. I love that it is a relaxed, low-key game that makes it a great social activity. I love that it can be as low key as you want it to be, as missing but a moment will not throw you off the rest of the game... yet at the same time, if you want it to be high-energy and really get into it, the crowd around you is almost always supportive of that! Not to mention Wrigley Field is amazing, with a GREAT atmosphere unlike any other park I've been to.

Today, I went to see the Chicago Cubs play the Houston Astros... and the CUBS WON!!! 9-7! This was the first game I went to that the Cubbies actually won! It was VERY exciting!!! My hope is that even though time this semester is winding down quickly, I will manage to find time to go to a couple more games before I leave for the summer. Its a simple, FUN, always memorable activity... and living this close to the field (I pass it almost daily on my way to church), I have NO good reason not to go to more games!

... and for those keeping track, THIS is going to be the year! ;) We're off to a fair start... this was our second win this week!

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