Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Summer 2008

Well, friends, a decision has finally been made!

This summer, I will be joining the Ride:Well Bike Tour as a member of the support staff for the cross-country (LA to DC) bike trip. The goal of the trip? To raise money and awareness for Blood:Water Mission. My role in this is not yet clear, though it may include a number of things from driving the support vehicle to running errands and picking up groceries, to things that fit in line with my gifts... like helping to lead daily devotions and the like. More than anything, this is going to be an adventure of the unknown for me... and if you know me at all... you know that's a good thing!

This will be a fun, wonderful, rigorous trip to be sure. If nothing else, it will be an adjustment to move into camping daily and getting up with the sun! The map of where/when we'll be traveling is available online here. If you are in/around any of the places we're going through, I would LOVE to see you!

One thing I have to do (in a VERY short amount of time!) to be able to go on this trip is raise quite a bit of money. As the goal of this trip is to raise support for Blood:Water, all bikers and volunteers must raise their own support to go on the trip. Inclusive of flights to LA/from DC, all transportation, lodging and food during the trip, my cell phone on the road and related expenses, I am seeking to raise my estimated need of $3000. That is a LOT of money in a LITTLE bit of time, but I really believe this is where I'm called to be for the summer, so I also believe it is possible. I am hoping for a couple of big sponsors, and a couple of smaller ones. Don't let the big number scare you... its as simple as 30 people donating $100!

PLEASE let me know if you or some one/agency you know would be interested in donating. Because the money is going through an agency, all donations can be tax-deductible! I will have more information soon, hopefully including a place to donate online. Until then, please check out the Ride:Well website (or feel free to contact me!) for more information... and watch for updates on my profile!

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Mare said...

What an AMAZING opportunity!!!!